We want to guarantee the quality of our organization, services and training products. However, it may happen that you are dissatisfied about something. We are happy to resolve this for you and follow the following procedure:

1. First, contact your project leader. Try to find a solution together.
2. If this is not possible, ask your project leader for a complaint form.
3. Fill in the form and hand it in at the TopTaal reception desk.
4. Within two weeks of submitting your complaint form, you will receive a confirmation from the Complaints committee.
5. The Complaints committee will handle your complaint. In the event of a legitimate complaint, the committee will send you a written proposal within four weeks of receipt.
6. If you agree with the proposed solution, the case will be closed.
7. If you disagree with the solution, you can take your complaint to an independent Disputes board or the client.

Complaints regulations – Disputes board
TopTaal has Complaints regulations to register and handle any complaints in a careful, confidential and effective manner, to solve the cause of the complaint and to take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence. You can download the Consumer Complaints Regulations here. Information about the Disputes board can be found here.

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